How To: Decorate an Art Studio

Many customers use Modern-Sheds as personal art studios. For example, check out one of our recent customer profiles:

Aside from the obvious beauty of the Modern-Shed, the owner did a fantastic job decorating, too. The room is a canvas in itself with its clean look. While we can’t match everything on display in her shed, we’d like to try and help potential Modern-Shed art studio customers. We’ve compiled a few items that are space-conscious, elegantly designed and affordable.

Our customer has a cool solution for storage — she uses a 6-drawer toolbox with a workstation on the top. Moduline Cabinets has a series of drawers on wheels, and they’re all perfect for small spaces. The drawers sit at 37.7″ tall, 32″ wide and 24″ deep. They come in a variety of colors and are easily moved for large-scale creative endeavors.

Chairs and desk
Inside a Modern-Shed art studio

Modern-Sheds provide natural light during the day, but what about those late-night creativity sessions? Install track lighting and put them on a dimmer. The Home Depot has a cheap, 3-light, dim-able track light kit that would look great in a Modern-Shed. The Home Depot’s lights are LED and, based on customer photos in the reviews section, provide good lighting for a small space. They come in white or black.

Mugs and vases for numerous brushes
Mugs and vases for numerous brushes

If you’re an artist, you’ll likely need a space for your brushes and supplies. And the use of pots, vases and mugs from the owner in our video adds just the right amount of unique charm we’d expect from an artist. In addition, the clean, white shelving units with open cubbies provide the perfect amount of storage for more supplies. Target has a few similar-looking options, as well as IKEA. Throw in a few stools and some more storage compartments and you’ve got yourself a beautiful art studio.

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