“Perfect For What We Need”

Cory and Jeremy in front of the first Modern-Shed on their property, which they turned into a studio and then a guest suite.
Cory and Jeremy with the first Modern-Shed on their property, which they eventually turned into a guest suite.

KIRKLAND —  When Cory and Jeremy toured their future home two years ago, they were surprised to find a Modern-Shed already installed on the property.

“It was definitely a cool surprise,” Cory said. “When we saw the studio there during the open house, we thought it would be great for us. My husband does a lot of electronic stuff, working on projects with computers and robotics, and we wanted to keep that away from the kids and cats.” Continue reading

A sacred spot

Lin's 12' by 16' Modern-Shed nestled in the front yard of her Vashon Island home.
Lin’s 12′ by 16′ Modern-Shed nestled in the front yard of her Vashon Island home.

VASHON ISLAND — In the early 90s, near the start of Lin’s career as a professional artist, she began working from home and relished having the personal space to create close by.

“It made sense with raising kids that I could work at a studio at home,” she says. “I could be more available for them. My work changed for the better.”

Over the years, Lin has worked from various home studios, but none has worked out quite as well as her new Modern-Shed art studio.

“My last studio, I had half the basement and at another house, which I had designed, I had a whole wing as a studio,” she says. “But when you worked in a studio actually in your home, it can be distracting. You’re always tempted by, ‘Should I start dinner? Should I do laundry?’” Continue reading

The nuts and bolts of permitting

A 14' by 14' Modern-Shed garden studio in progress.
A 14′ by 14′ Modern-Shed garden studio in progress.

Navigating the messy world of building codes and permits can be an overwhelming and daunting experience for many of our Modern-Shed clients.

Thankfully, Modern-Shed works closely with our clients to determine when and if a building permit is needed in their jurisdiction and for their structure, and if so, what is needed to make the process as smooth, speedy and efficient as possible. Continue reading

How To: Decorate an Art Studio

Many customers use Modern-Sheds as personal art studios. For example, check out one of our recent customer profiles:

Aside from the obvious beauty of the Modern-Shed, the owner did a fantastic job decorating, too. The room is a canvas in itself with its clean look. While we can’t match everything on display in her shed, we’d like to try and help potential Modern-Shed art studio customers. We’ve compiled a few items that are space-conscious, elegantly designed and affordable.

Continue reading