Understanding our roofing options

Since we are introducing our new model featuring a new roofline; The Butterfly, we thought this would be a good time to talk about the different roof style options that Modern-Shed offers.

The Classic
The concept for the original Modern-Shed was designed with specific parameters in mind. One of those being size restrictions allowed by local building jurisdictions. Before Google Earth, size of structure was determined by the size of the foundation or floor to the outside of the wall framing (not the interior floor space).

However, as Google Earth became more widely used by building departments to determine and view lot sizes and sites, building departments grew concerned with water run-off and “impervious” surface, or ground that is covered and cannot soak in water.

The most common size restriction is 120 square feet. The design of the original Modern-Shed maximizes interior space while still holding to 120 square feet by creating a roofline with very small overhangs or eaves.

Not all jurisdictions use Google Earth or what we have coined “roof print” so we offer the option of not only expanding the size of our structures to the “floor print” size. We also offer extended eaves and porch extensions. Our Classic roofline that meets the 120-square-foot restriction utilizes 3″ eaves.

For those areas where the size restriction is based on floor size, or for those getting a building permit, we offer eave overhangs of 18″ on the front or tall wall with 6″ on the other three sides.

We also offer the option of extending the roofline on one or both of the end (slanted) sides to create a “porch extension.” The underside of the porch is finished the same as the interior of the shed, but is not insulated. Depending on the size of the structure, it will come with posts or can be done in the flying buttress style.

The Northwest
Being a company headquartered in the great Pacific Northwest and inspired by much of the architecture in this region, we designed a roofline and clerestory windows around the natural and rugged theme of the Northwest.

The Northwest roofline, offers exposed glulam beam rafters, extended eaves of 24″ for the tall or front wall side and 12″ on the other three sides. The clerestory or transom glass windows are taller and the frames are cedar designed to show off the beauty of the natural wood while maintaining weather resistance (important in the Northwest).

Just as in the Classic roof offering, an optional porch extension off either end of the shed is available. And depending on the size of the structure will come with posts or can be done in the flying buttress style.

The Butterfly
We now have a new roof style available on our medium-size shed of 120 square feet.
The roofline features a shallow “V” shape named after the gentle angle of a butterfly’s wings, offering a unique look in comparison to the typical gable or shed style roof.

This roof option is offered with three different overhangs besides the standard 3″ on all sides, as in our standard Classic, to form a 120-square foot roofprint, which also allows for a slightly lower overall height for areas with height restrictions.

The other three options have 12″ overhangs on three sides with either 18″, 24″ or 30″ over the front wall.

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