‘TINY’ is about living simply

TINY is a film about living simply, but it’s also about defining “home” and finding yourself. The film — available to stream on Netflix, or to buy at TINY’s website — follows Christopher Smith as he builds a Tiny House on a 5-acre plot in the mountains of Colorado. He’s almost 30 years old, and he’s struggling to find meaning in his life. He has a dream of living without material possessions.

Chris — with the help of Merete, his girlfriend — builds a tiny house with no construction background, against all odds. And by “tiny,” we’re talking ~150 SqFt. His parents don’t think he’ll finish it. The project takes almost a year longer than he initially thought. He works long weeks to pay for the project.

TINY doesn’t feature any Modern-Sheds, but there are definite similarities between our philosophies of simple living and the ones discussed in the film. The filmmakers interview other people that have decided to forego bigger houses filled with useless stuff. One couple had two cars, a mountain of debt, and an expensive mortgage. They sold their home and one of their cars, threw away a bunch of stuff, and installed a sub-200 SqFt home. Their unhappiness and stress vanished when they decided to live simply.

Within a year they were able to pay off their debt and improve their quality of life. The film consistently analyzes ways people have bettered their lives by eliminating the pressures of a material world. In addition, the film features families with creative storage solutions — people sport hidden cubbies underneath countertops, hanging mugs and, and countertop/cutting board hybrids.

It’s a fascinating watch. TINY celebrates the beauty of modest living with real people telling real stories.

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