The Modern-Shed Garage

Greater Seattle area — When David and his family of four moved into their Pacific Northwest home, built in 1912, there was a major problem sitting in the backyard.

“The home had an existing garage that was maybe 50 years old,” David recalls. “There were raccoons living in the walls. There was actually no back wall. It had totally fallen apart and the whole thing probably would’ve just fallen in.”

The family had the garage removed, but as they explored their options to build another unit in the backyard and expand their living space, they ran into some issues.

The Modern-Shed Garage, featuring a frosted glass door from Northwest Door

“I was originally going to build a garage with a mother-in-law unit, we had it designed and everything, a garage with an apartment above it,” David says. “However it didn’t meet the requirements of the city we live in. It also was going to be very costly.” Continue reading

The Painter’s Dilemma: Meet Barbara

Before finding Modern-Shed, Barbara’s large-scale paintings had begun to take over her living space.Before finding Modern-Shed, Barbara’s large-scale paintings had begun to take over her living space.IMG_6718

“I’m a large-format painter, specifically I paint portraits, but for the last seven years I’d been painting in our dining room,” she said. “The last series I did were roughly 30-by-40 feet. Sometimes I do 36-by-72 feet work. I work in panels and by the end of the day I’d have stacks of paintings.” Continue reading

We’ve been featured….

1-backyardshed-fw15In Oregon Home Magazine!

Portland resident Sheila Meehan shared her experiences with Modern-Shed and how her lovely shed turned out in the latest issue of Oregon Home.

“The building has helped me to be a better agent,” she explains in the article. “It allows me to focus — I don’t even hear the front door now.”

The gorgeous photos from Dominic Bonuccelli Photography capture the beauty of Sheila’s shed.

We also profiled Sheila’s experience in our blog, “The Right Fit.”


The nuts and bolts of permitting

A 14' by 14' Modern-Shed garden studio in progress.
A 14′ by 14′ Modern-Shed garden studio in progress.

Navigating the messy world of building codes and permits can be an overwhelming and daunting experience for many of our Modern-Shed clients.

Thankfully, Modern-Shed works closely with our clients to determine when and if a building permit is needed in their jurisdiction and for their structure, and if so, what is needed to make the process as smooth, speedy and efficient as possible. Continue reading

Something More

Northern California —  Like most people who find Modern-Shed, Darren started off looking for something more. 

This 12 by 18 Modern-Shed home gym serves as a Krav Maga training facility.
This 12-by-18 Modern-Shed serves as a home gym and training facility.

“I wanted to have a state-of-the-art gym at home, and created one in my garage,” he says. “After a while, this got old as it sacrificed space for all my vehicles. I wanted something more.”

Continue reading