Writing in paradise

Judith’s Modern-Shed on Lopez Island is a perfect space for writing, meditating and doing yoga.

Lopez Island — Judith has had a house on Lopez Island in the beautiful San Juans of Washington state for the past 20 years, but she and her husband, Paul, have always known they’d like a little bit more space to enjoy their lovely surroundings.

“It’s a small house, and we have plans to expand, but I wanted a room away from our house so I could meditate, do yoga and write,” Judith recalls. “We couldn’t afford to do our expansion plan right then so a quickie way to get me some extra space was to get a Modern-Shed.”

Judith had been watching programs on tiny homes, so that’s where she’d gotten the idea to have a small space of her own.

Writing nook — This 12′ by 16′ Modern-Shed “she shed” offers this author the perfect space to be alone with her thoughts.

Last year, the couple acted on Judith’s desire and visited a model Modern-Shed in Seattle before committing in September of 2016 to build a 12’ by 16’ shed of their own.

In the past year, she hasn’t regretted their decision even once.

“It’s got windows all around that show off the beautiful views of the Straits of Juan de Fuca and I can hear the birds singing in the morning,” she says. “Everybody loves my little she shed.”

Judith divides her time between Lopez Island and Mexico and says that if she and Paul hadn’t already built their home on the island, they might have just built a series of sheds.

This Modern-Shed writer’s studio features plenty of windows and a wrap-around deck.

“Our shed doesn’t have a bathroom or kitchen, but if we hadn’t already built our house on Lopez, I’d be inclined to do a series of mini sheds, with a kitchen or something in the middle,” she says. “I am constantly touting my shed, I’m probably your best word-of-mouth.”

Judith’s writing shed features bamboo flooring, sheetrock walls and a deck that wraps around the shed, as well as plenty of windows and wide doors.

“One thing I loved about Modern-Shed is there is a template, but I got to choose exactly where I wanted my windows and exactly how I wanted my doors,” she adds. “I like the fact that it was flexible, not just one model. That was big plus for me.”

To learn more about Judith and her work, visit her website.


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