Why we use… Champion Snap-loc Roofing

Several years ago, Modern-Shed made the decision to switch from corrugated galvanized metal roofing to a standing seam metal roofing material as our standard roofing material.

Snap-Loc standing seam by Champion Metal doesn’t have exposed fasteners, is more attractive and easier to install, comes in a variety of colors and has a better warranty.

Standing Seam Snaploc roofing

Modern-Shed uses only the highest-quality materials so our product will be sustainable and possibly outlast the home in whose yard it is installed.

We chose Champion Metal of Washington as a supplier because they are a local company and provide a higher grade (thicker gauge) metal, as well as offer custom trim pieces when necessary.

This metal roofing cannot burn and has a 50-year warranty. Each 1′ wide section of roofing “snaps” in place over the adjoining piece thereby negating nailed or drilled holes in the roof itself to hold it in place.

Because typical “shed” roofs such as ours have a low pitch, most building codes will not allow a typical asphalt based “3-tab” roofing material. A low pitch roof such as ours requires the water to shed as easily as a steeper pitch roof, therefore building code requires some sort of slippery surface on the roof, such as metal.

Corrugated metal, which is used by many of our competitors, only carries a 25-year warranty, is recommended for roof pitches greater than 2.5/12, comes in only one color (silver galvanized corrugated) and requires an exposed fastener directly into the roof sheathing – that would mean 24 fasteners in just a 2′ by 10′ section.az151005-0280

Corrugated galvanized roofing also only has a G-90 zinc coating, whereas Snap-Loc standing seam is zinc-coated, then painted with a 1-millimeter finish on the exposed surface and a .5-millimeter finish on the reverse side with the high-quality Ceram-A-Star 1050CC paint system.

This system allows for the 50-year warranty and only requires fasteners along the first panel’s edge, which is then covered by the gable or front edge trim. All neighboring panels snap into place over the previous panels’ rib making it a waterproof “standing seam.”

The sides and front edges are covered by trim holding the remaining roofing in place. The trim pieces are fastened to the fascia. This eliminates any holes made by fasteners into the roof sheathing itself.

This type of roofing is the best and most recommended roof in either snowy or rainy areas of the country. It also is beneficial in fire-prone zones since metal doesn’t burn.

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