Why We Use … Benjamin Moore paint

We’ve started a new series “shedding” light on the fabulous products we use, such as Benjamin Moore paint.

ModernShed is committed to using and offering only the highest-quality materials. One aspect of this is our paint choice. Modern-Sheds are factory-painted, and due the complexity of open-joint siding, we felt it imperative to use long-lasting, quality paint.

Layla Tromble, the store manager at Pacific Paint and Decorating in Ferndale, Wash., has worked with her fair share of paint companies over the years.

By far, Benjamin Moore paint comes out ahead of the pack.

Benjamin Moore uses the Gennex pigment system, which bonds to the paint on a molecular level.

“I’ve worked for a lot of companies and used a lot of paint in that time, and Benjamin Moore really has a superior quality product,” she said. “It’s worth a couple extra bucks. Benjamin Moore gets accused of being the expensive paint, but if you compare the product apples to apples to our competitors, we will generally come out on top.”

Tromble’s store is now an exclusive Benjamin Moore signature store, and it’s where Modern-Shed purchases all of our clients’ paint needs.

The company is a leader in the industry when it comes to color, and that’s partly due to the Gennex pigment system, which bonds to the paint on a molecular level.

Instead of pigments that are suspended in paint, the pigment bonds with the resins in the product, becoming a part of the paint in what is called color-lock technology. The result is longer-lasting paint, with a truer, cleaner color that is more fade-resistant than other varieties.

“When a Modern-Shed customer uses Benjamin Moore paint, they should be able to expect that the color they use is going to look like the chip color they picked out,” Tromble said. “We use high-quality materials and the paint won’t fade or peel. You’re more likely to get tired of the color and want to repaint than have to repaint because it’s faded.”

The two elements that determine the quality of paint are the type of resins used and the type of solids added to the product.

Titanium dioxide helps to create a solid whiteness, leading to a cleaner color.

All Benjamin Moore paints use the highest-quality titanium dioxide as a solid, giving the paint a solid whiteness that determines how clean the colors are before tinting the paint.

Paint brands from big box stores will use extender pigments, Tromble added, but higher quality resins and higher quality solids made for a superior paint.

For shed exteriors, Modern-Shed helps clients pick out colors that might be suitable for them and that have been popular favorites among past clients.

Dark grey colors or brown-grays, like Squirrel Tail, with a white trim have been popular for exteriors, but Tromble has seen Modern-Shed requests in all colors of the rainbow and more.

“One of the great things I’ve noticed with Modern-Shed is people can kind of do whatever they want,” she said. “I’ve seen some more variety from Modern-Shed than from our average paint customer. We have a big enough color palette that you can pick colors that suit your brand or your aesthetic. It’s not limiting.”

Modern-Shed work space1
Modern-Shed has been using Benjamin Moore paint since 2002.

Modern-Shed switched to Benjamin Moore paint in 2010 partly from the personal experience of our general manager, Tim Vack.

When painting his house back in 2002, Vack’s sister, a professional painter, recommended Benjamin Moore.

Vack used a pump sprayer and painted the house in one day with one coat. The finished product was flawless and has remained so to this day.

“I was just out there a few weeks ago,” he added. “And it looks like it was painted yesterday.”

To learn more about Benjamin Moore paint, check out their website.


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