Meet Modern-Shed’s Top Producer

Many of you already know Mike Probach, whose nickname Modern Mike speaks to how closely his clients identify him with the product he sells.
Mike has been with Modern-Shed since Day 1 and has assisted nearly 500 clients with their shed needs, earning the designation of Top Producer last year once again.
Modern Mike and his wife, Jacki, take a break from cycling through Ireland.
“My favorite part of working with Modern-Shed are the clients,” he said. “They are some wonderful, talented, smart people who all have a unique need for more space.”

Mike wouldn’t dare name a favorite Modern-Shed from over the years, but he’s worked on a variety of projects, everything from a skin care studio in Seattle to a large art studio in the Bay Area to a commercial prep kitchen in Hood River, Ore.
One of Mike’s favorite projects, an art studio in San Rafael, Calif.
“I’ve made a lot of great friends,” he said. “I view a lot of my clients as friends and a number of them have offered me a place to stay when I’m in town.”
Mike and his wife, Jacki, are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this month with a bicycling and hiking trip through Australia and New Zealand, adding the trip to a long list of one-month cycling trips that have included Italy and Ireland.
If you’re in need of a shed in the Seattle area, the Oregon coast or in the Bay Area of California, you can contact Mike directly at 206-295-2557, or visit to have a dealer contact you sooner.

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