Heaven on Earth

Belinda purchased a 10′ by 14′ Modern-Shed for her backyard.

North of San Diego — When it comes to decorating her home with her husband of 30 years, Belinda had gotten used to compromising.

“Every single time we’ve had to cover a couch or pick a paint color, he wants to go in one direction and I want to go in another,” Belinda sighs. “And it’s always a compromise.”

Compromise works great in a marriage, but sometimes you just want to have things your own way, in your own style.

Enter Modern-Shed.

Belinda purchased a 10’ by 14’ Modern-Shed “she-shed” this past spring, and she’s fallen absolutely in love with it.

“I’m your biggest fan,” Belinda gushes. “Everybody who comes over says the same thing: ‘Oh my god, it’s so worth it.’ It’s just heaven on Earth.”

Belinda’s Modern-Shed offers her an escape when she wants to sit back and relax, feeling grateful for all that she has.

Belinda discovered Modern-Shed in Dwell, and the idea of a separate space piqued her interest because she knew she needed more room in her home — her father had recently passed away, and she’d accumulated some of his things that held sentimental value to her.

“I had a lot of his stuff that I didn’t want to give up,” Belinda recalls. “I knew I needed the extra guest room we have to accommodate his things and have more space. But that had been my room.”

Belinda is an insomniac and “sleeps” in a separate room from her husband so that she doesn’t keep him up with her nighttime wanderings and activities.

Belinda’s shed is decorated exactly to her style.

“I wanted to have my own space, so I thought about having a tiny house in the backyard,” she says. “What ended up happening is I now use the Modern-Shed as my bedroom, as my space. There’s something about it that’s really special. It’s just charming, it’s absolutely the spirit of it I love.”

The process with Modern-Shed was “seamless” and Belinda loved how easy the company and its contractors were to work with.

“The man who came and did the work was phenomenal, he was really, really something,” she says. “He hired a local guy to help him, who was also exceptional. They did the whole thing in four days. It was amazing to watch. It’s instant gratification. Once they got here, it was boom, boom, boom, boom. It was a surprise. I’ve heard so many nightmare stories about workmen, but was none of that at all.”

Belinda decorated her shed with a Persian rug, the first time she can have one in her home because the shed is isolated from her dog.

The essence of Modern-Shed, to Belinda, is getting a shed exactly how you want it.

“It’s just a peaceful retreat for me,” she says. “It’s just my space. It reflects my taste. It has my things in it. I haven’t had to compromise in any way to share it with anyone else, to decorate in any other way. It’s exactly my space and it’s so cute. I can’t say enough about it.”

Belinda’s advice for anyone thinking of getting a Modern-Shed: “Don’t hesitate.”

“It’s the best $30,000 I’ve ever spent, ever,” she says. “If I have my way, everywhere I buy a property the rest of my life, I want to have a Modern-Shed. It’s just a spectacular value.”

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