Something More

Northern California —  Like most people who find Modern-Shed, Darren started off looking for something more. 

This 12 by 18 Modern-Shed home gym serves as a Krav Maga training facility.
This 12-by-18 Modern-Shed serves as a home gym and training facility.

“I wanted to have a state-of-the-art gym at home, and created one in my garage,” he says. “After a while, this got old as it sacrificed space for all my vehicles. I wanted something more.”

Darren initially searched websites like Houzz, Rogue Fitness and other Cross Fit affiliates. Most of the results initially found were garage gyms. Then he found Modern-Shed.

Within a few days, he contacted both Modern-Shed and a nationwide competitor online. He interfaced with both companies, and soon found that there was a clear difference.

“Both companies had a good initial sales experience, but Mike Probach (of Modern-Shed) was amazing. I could tell that he cared about the product, and he was much more knowledgeable and helpful to my specific needs,” Darren says.

After a personal visit from Mike, Darren signed a contract with Modern-Shed.

“After I understood how my shed was going to be built, the attention to detail that was involved, and that Modern Shed uses their own installation crew, there was no competition, in my opinion,” he says. “The competitor’s product offering looked very similar, but the way that Modern-Shed is constructed is superior. Their warranty is better. Their level of service is higher. I think people notice these things, and it’s an important part of the buying decision-making process. When you’re price shopping, they’re pretty similar, but you need to look at all the details, and quickly you learn the value proposition is much higher with Modern Shed.”

This modern gym provides plenty of light with 15′ of open windows.

Darren’s Modern-Shed is 12′ by 18′.

To have the shed functional as a gym, a custom flooring system was done. The flooring had to withstand dead lifts with weights of more than 350 pounds and Olympic overhead lifts with 185-pound weights dropped on the ground.

The reinforced flooring also uses Regupol Aktiv — the same material that is used at the official Reebok Cross Fit games.

The shed is one foot higher than the standard height.

I wanted it to be very functional,” Darren says. “I need to be able to do overhead lifts without crashing into the ceiling. I also wanted clearance for those 6 feet and taller.”

Darren also chose recessed lighting so that nothing obstructed the ceiling.

Steps away from his home, Darren's Modern-Shed conveniently allows him to spend more time with his growing family.
Steps away from his home, Darren’s Modern-Shed conveniently allows him to spend more time with his growing family.

“We have special areas that are reinforced behind the dry wall so that everything is structurally sound,” he says. “Multiple outlets and networking are all strategically placed for future layouts. All those things played a part in my decision-making, and the collaboration with the building crew was great.”

Darren exercises and trains on average five days a week, two hours a day.

“Exercise is a big part of my life,” he says. “However, with a toddler at home and another baby due in October, it will become more difficult to get away to work out.”

The Modern-Shed gym was built within weeks.

Darren added an extra foot to the standard height of the Modern-Shed to allow for more room for his training facility.
Darren added an extra foot to the standard height of the Modern-Shed to allow for more room for his training facility.

“Modern-Shed’s installation team was more than willing to help figure out how to make something happen,” Darren says. “If they didn’t know (something), they were resourceful and figured out how to make it happen. My project, with specific needs, having a crew willing to do and accommodate all those things  it really showed they have a passion for what they do, and I think that shows a lot about a company.”

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