The right space

Kimberli Moffitt-Tsui's 8' by 12' Modern-Shed home office.
Kimberli Moffitt-Tsui’s 8′ by 12′ Modern-Shed home office.

SAN BRUNO — As a photographer who works from home and a mom of three kids, Kimberli seldom found the right space to complete her projects.

“I’ve had my business for about four or five years, and I do all my editing and everything in the kitchen,” Kimberli said. “It’s really not the best place for an office. There’s no space where I can just go and I can just work, where I can say, ‘Hey guys, it’s time to leave Mommy alone.'”

Kimberli and her husband live in a small home in the San Francisco Bay area, where most of the houses aren’t big, “unless you have millions of dollars to spend,” Kimberli said.

The couple considered adding onto their home, although the high cost of doing so prevented them from pursuing that option.

When Kimberli’s husband suggested they erect a building in their backyard, Kimberli knew exactly what she wanted.

“I didn’t even research any other company,” Kimberli said. “I’d seen Modern-Shed in Dwell magazine a couple years ago. I had liked what I’d seen. I already knew what I wanted.”

Kimberli chose an 8′ by 12′ Modern-Shed based on the size she had available in her backyard.

In less than three days, Kimberli's Modern-Shed home office went up.
In less than three days, Kimberli’s Modern-Shed home office went up.

“We didn’t wnat to take up more room than we had in the backyard,” she said. “As for the color, it was the one that drew my eye the most.”

In less than three days, Kimberli’s Modern-Shed was up, and she was impressed with the quality of the construction.

“My dad was a builder, so I was raised in the construction business,” she said. “The work was beautiful. It went up so easily and quickly. The guys were very courteous and polite and cleaned up the area well.”

While Kimberli has yet to set up her home office, her children — 6, 8 and 9 years old — have already been enjoying the Modern-Shed.

Kimberli's children enjoy watching movies in the Modern-Shed.
Kimberli’s children enjoy watching movies in the Modern-Shed.

“Of course the rest of the family wants a part of it as well,” Kimberli said. “My husband put a TV up and the kids last weekend watched a movie in there. It was actually kind of nice to get them out of the house, to know that if we need some quiet time to get some peace, it’s there.”

Kimberli’s friends and neighbors have been impressed as well.

“I think overall we couldn’t be happier,” she said. “It’s beautiful. I posted a picture of it on my Facebook page and I have never had as many likes on any of my pictures as I’ve had at that. And I’m photographer. I take a lot of pictures.”

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