Everything in one place

SEATTLE — Before she and her husband bought a Modern-Shed, Ruth found her work tucked away in all corners of their home.

Ruth has worked with felt for several years, transforming fiber materials into cloth objects — she creates everything from wall hangings to scarves, and seat cushions to dresses.

However, she could hardly find the space to store her materials and work on large pieces.

“I was felting in the laundry room,” Ruth recalls. “We were trying to find a solution. My felt-y things were peeking out of every cupboard of the house.”

Ruth’s husband suggested that she rent a studio work space, but that idea did not appeal to her.

“Transportation was an issue that came to mind: What if I forgot some material and had to drive all the way back home?” she said. “Also, we have two kids and I wanted to be at home.”

Ruth began Google searching for ideas, when she stumbled upon Modern-Shed.

The couple’s shed went up last year, and now if Ruth wants to work, all she has to do is step outside.

“Sometimes, if I feel like it, I can go over for a bit and it’s so easy,” she said. “I don’t have to sit in a car and drive somewhere. It’s something that’s time-efficient for me and yet it’s separate from the house.”

At about 120 square feet, Ruth had room to install shelves, storage spaces for her felting materials and a large table to work on.

“I have the space for a proper table now and that has made a huge difference,” she said. “I can now make huge pieces.”

Ruth was surprised at how well-insulated and warm the shed kept in the winter and how cool it stays during the summer.

“The shed has made a huge difference to me,” she said. “It’s in the garden and so it’s just lovely to be able to look out, whatever season it is, when I’m working and see the daylight. It’s cozy. I have everything in one place, and it’s mine. It’s all mine.”

— Arla Shephard


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