Looking to move? Bring your Modern-Shed!

Often at Modern-Shed, our design professionals encounter customers who are not quite ready to commit to purchasing a shed, in part because they’re afraid of the permanency of the shed.

Here’s where we remind folks that while our sheds are not DIY kits, per se, they can be taken apart and moved to a new location, should you decide to move.

Modern-Sheds can be taken apart and moved, should you decide to buy a new house.

“It’s something I think our customers don’t even think about until I bring it up,” said design pro Jeff Bergerson. “The question of moving strikes fear: there’s the expense, the hassle of moving, of pulling kids out of school districts. It’s reassuring to them to know that if they do have to move, they can disassemble their shed, put it in a trailer and put it all back together again.”

Bringing your Modern-Shed with you is easier than starting from scratch and it allows customers to shop for, say, a three-bedroom house, instead of a four, since you’ll have that extra space. In some real estate markets, that a $250,000 price difference!

Other times, Modern-Shed owners are worried because they do plan to sell their house and they aren’t sure what prospective buyers might think of their shed, Jeff adds.

“I tell them, they can sell their house for, say, $600,000 without the shed, or $650,000 with the shed,” he notes. “They can give that choice to the potential buyers. Some people don’t care and don’t use the yard, but another family might really want that yard space. Either way, people love to have flexibility regardless of what choice they make.”

Modern-Sheds are easily worth an $50,000 in a home’s price tag, especially given how many people work from home now and need extra space.

Jeff and our other design pros will work with you to design your shed in whatever way might make your home buying or selling easier — with one customer, Jeff planned the design of the shed ahead of time to make it more conducive to moving, with features like an open-joint rain screen and birch paneling interiors, both of which don’t have to be destroyed and redone.

Another customer built a shed with the ability to add onto it someday. That day came when her daughter moved into the shed while she was in college.

Jeff advises customers to remember that a contractor or someone savvy with construction should be on hand to reassemble your shed.

Still, a disassembled Modern-Shed can be put back together in less than five days. Also, we supply a low-impact insulated floor structure supported with a pier foundation, which allows yards to return easily to their native state.

“That’s pretty unique,” Jeff says. “I tell customers that Modern-Sheds are not mobile, but they are transportable. It’s notable too that we’ve had Modern-Sheds that have been used for display purposes for trade shows that have been assembled six to eight times and they still look great. So, this is not just a theory, it’s been done dozens of times.”

Leave a Modern-Shed behind for the next owner of your house, or take it with you!

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