Worth Every Penny

She shed #4PASADENA — Before purchasing their Modern-Shed, Katherine’s husband, Kent, would often grow frustrated by her little piles of paper littered throughout the guest bedroom.

“We have a three-bedroom house, and my husband has two girls who come and go and need the bedroom,” Katherine says. “I need some private space to do work because I’m a teacher, a place where if I need to keep piles out, I can close the doors, close the blinds and no one would know.”

Katherine’s 9′ by 10′ Modern-Shed fits nicely in the couple’s backyard, complementing their home and appearing as though it belonged there the whole time.

While Katherine had researched sheds from other companies, she preferred Modern-Shed because it was the most “hip” and “modern-looking,” and “not just a typical little shed that you see everywhere,” she says.

Modern-Sheds can be customized with a wide array of options and materials, and our design professionals can work with you during that process to create a shed that meets all of your expectations.

“There are so many options, I struggled to see what it could all look like,” says Katherine, who enjoyed everyone’s help at Modern-Shed. “I needed to see it in real life. Now that it’s done, it was worth every single darn penny.”

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Katherine’s shed sits mere feet from the backdoor of her house, and she spends nearly every morning in there planning out her Spanish lessons. In the evening, if she’s in the shed, she uses it as a quiet space to pay bills or do other household work.

“My husband is like, ‘How do I get a hold of you, should I call you?’ because he’ll knock on my door and it scares me because I’m so intensely focused,” Katherine says.

“When I’m at home, I’m always in it,” she adds. “It’s where I don’t have to justify anything or make any excuses. It’s perfect, my little hideaway, my escape. If friends are over, I say, ‘Let’s have a drink in the she shed.'”

Katherine would tell others interested in a shed to remember the quality of the craftsmanship.

“I’ve seen sheds in backyards that are the typical shed, and they’re OK,” she says. “With Modern-Shed, you’re paying for quality. You’re getting a modern, hip shed instead of the boring things that are out there. I’m in love with my shed.”

And, if you’re in the LA area, she says, come on by and take a look at her shed.

If you’d like to get in touch with Katherine to visit her shed, email jeff@modern-shed.com for information.

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