How To: Decorate an Outdoor Space


With less than 10 weeks until Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer and the beginning of a season of patio parties and barbecues — it’s time to give more thought to the space where we might do a lot of our entertaining, eating and lounging: our backyard.

Many of our Modern-Shed customers use their sheds to anchor their outdoor living spaces, and more and more we’re seeing a blend between indoor-outdoor living.


Maybe you’ll spend two or three hours in your Modern-Shed art studio working on a piece, then you’ll step outside to breathe in inspiration from your garden or perhaps take your lunch break out on your patio with your partner or kids.

Getting outside, even for a few minutes, is a proven method of boosting creativity and productivity, and it will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

But maybe you’re in need of ideas, or you’re tight on space or budget? Don’t worry. Here are some ideas to liven up your Modern-Shed outdoor space.

1: Don’t be color-shy


This Modern-Shed customer uses pops of red, on pillows and outdoor chairs (see second photo from top), that match their Modern-Shed to tie all of their spaces together.

Furnishing an outdoor space can get expensive, but there are options at all price points — we love the chic outdoor pillows available at Joss & Main, especially the fun, nautical “Pacific Pillow,” just as much as we adore the playful printed pillows Target has to offer.

As for colorful outdoor furniture, you’ll find lush collections at World Market (like the beautiful Coastal Neutrals or Caribbean Colors sets) and other outlets, but we all know that finding inexpensive furniture at flea markets and yard sales is easy this time of year — and with a little spray paint and some bright slipcovers, you don’t need to break the bank to create a gorgeous, inviting outdoor space.

Just remember to priortize how you plan to use the space before decorating — if it’s primarily to relax and lounge in, invest in quality seated furniture first, or a grill and table if outdoor dining is where you see yourself.

2: Check your privacy settings


This Modern-Shed customer uses both natural surroundings, like large trees and shrubs, and manmade ones, like their tall, wooden fence, to create structure that promotes a sense of intimacy and comfort, just as in an indoor room.

Adding “walls” could be as simple as hanging pots of herbs (also a great space-saving tool — check out the DIY instructions at “The Horticult“) or anchoring a trellis with vines, or you could get even more creative with your fencing options, like building a retaining wall.

Or, of course, you could always buy a second Modern-Shed to give you the privacy you want. Check out our Ellensburg, Wash., complex, complete with an outdoor bathroom:


3: Get Grounded 

One thing that may get overlooked in your decorating spree — the ground upon which you walk. While guests may not notice quality flooring right away, flooring is a key piece to tie the look of your “room” together.

The brick on this Modern-Shed patio in Portland complements the shrubs, flower pots and other garden materials without taking focus away from them.


Outlets like the Home Depot and IKEA have easy interlocking deck tiles, or you could brighten up the “room” with an outdoor rug like the Maris Medallion Rug at Pier 1 Imports (or scour thrift stores for cheaper options).


4: Set the Mood (Lighting)

We’ve all been to the backyard barbecue where the party doesn’t die down until the wee hours of the night. This makes lighting an important consideration to make while setting up your outdoor decor.

There are many fun, creative ways to introduce beautiful lighting into your backyard (seriously, you could fall into a Pinterest rabbit hole looking into this).

Some of our favorite ideas are using candles, mason jars or glass lanterns, like this outdoor space in Real Simple.

This Modern-Shed dwelling in Dallas uses overhead Christmas lights to create a soft ambiance when night falls.


And, you can’t beat the power of a fire pit to bring people together!


How have you decorated your Modern-Shed outdoor living space? See a couple more ideas, below, and post your photos on our Facebook page!


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