This Modern-Shed application deserves to be seen

Imagine living completely outdoors. What would you need to live comfortably? How about two Modern-Sheds, an outdoor bathroom, and a covered kitchen and seating area?

Every Modern-Shed is unique and every shed is beautiful. But sometimes a customer has such an amazing vision that it deserves some recognition.

Here’s a recently finished installation in Ellensburg, Washington. The family lives part-time in southern California, but they own property by a pond a few miles away from the small, eastern Washington town. On the pond, they had an outdoor enclosure installed with a deck and a seating area, a rounded roof and a full outdoor kitchen.

The owners began entertaining and fell in love with the space. Eventually, they thought, “You know, we could just live out here…”

What did they do? They ordered two Modern-Sheds and added an outdoor bathroom, creating a true, livable outdoor dwelling. One shed serves as a living room, the other a bedroom. Take a look at the photo gallery:

The roofing above the seating area is rounded, with a thick plastic over the top.
The owners installed a fully functional outdoor kitchen.
A pulled back view of the
A pulled back view of the sheds, resting by a pond. The shed on the left is a bedroom, the one on the right a living room.


Two sheds linked together by a deck.
Two sheds linked together by a deck.
An outdoor restroom sits between the two sheds.

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