Meet the newest member of the Modern-Shed team

TACOMA — Jeff Bergerson has always been fascinated with living spaces.

As a child, whenever his parents drove him around local neighborhoods in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, Jeff  would marvel at the homes outside his car window.

“When I was a kid, I thought I wanted to be an architect,” he said. “Then, I realized I hated school and didn’t like math, so that didn’t seem like it’d be a good fit long-term.”

Jeff Bergerson is Modern-Shed’s newest member of the corporate sales team working from our Puget Sound based virtual office and assists our clients in: Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Parts of Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Oklahoma and parts of Texas.

Jeff obtained a degree in industrial design from the Art Institute of Seattle and then worked for years as an exhibit designer, building custom trade show booths for high-tech companies.

When he grew tired of  “sitting in a room by myself,” Jeff made a career switch into the fitness training world, which ultimately led him to the sales world — Jeff has experience selling fitness equipment, as well as home additions and sunrooms.

Modern-Sheds appeals to Jeff because of their simplicity, high-quality materials and energy efficiency.

“What attracted me first off, is the intelligence of the building and how they’re designed,” Jeff said. “They are not built to the old standards, they are built to the new standards of energy efficiency. They will also last a long time. The things people build these days are so often trashed within 50 years; it’s just a waste of resources.”

Jeff also appreciates the idea of small living — he and his wife, along with their 6-month-old son, live on what he calls an “urban micro-homestead” in north Tacoma.

A distant relative of Jeff’s left the home in disrepair after their death, and the small house had been abandoned for years before Jeff decided to remodel the house, top to bottom.

His family now lives there, on a little farm with rabbits, chickens, Australian shepherds and plenty of vegetables and herbs.

It’s no surprise then that Jeff would incorporate a greenhouse into the design of a Modern-Shed, if he owned one.

“I’d want it to have as much natural daylight as it can and be able to expand as our family grows and as our needs change,” he said. “That’s appealing to me because you don’t have to over-commit ourselves to something too big too soon. The front of ours would incorporate a wall of glass to that would expand into a greenhouse. How cool would it be to have full access to garden vegetables, right off from the kitchen?”

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Jeff Bergerson joins the Modern-Shed team as another dealer in the western states.
Jeff Bergerson joins the Modern-Shed team as another dealer in the western states.

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