Big H in the Big D

DALLAS — Everything’s bigger in Texas, including Modern-Shed.

Last fall, Modern-Shed embarked on the largest project the company has ever undertaken — a nearly 2,100-square-foot H-shaped structure, with all the trappings of Modern-Shed’s sleek, simple design, but constructed on a much larger scale.

The new “shed” will be the first in a line of Modern-Dwellings that the company hopes to offer in the New Year, said general manager Tim Vack.

Over the years, Modern-Shed has received numerous requests from customers asking whether their Modern-Sheds can be connected, Vack said.

“Some people want to know if they buy one, can they one day buy a second shed and have them be connected,” he said. “There are many ways to do that, whether with an outside walkway or with some physical structure connecting the two pieces. We’ve also done additions, where we’ve added sheds onto the home.”

However, the Modern-Dwelling (called the Big H, for its shape) in Dallas (the Big D) will be one of the company’s first pre-fabricated homes.

One of the main appeals of building a pre-fabricated home, versus building a house, is that they install much quicker, Vack said.

The roof is easier and lighter to transport, and is in turn less costly, he said.

“The other issue is privacy,” Vack added. “In one space, there’s your living room and entertaining space all in one, but your sleeping space is further away with no shared walls.”

Home-builder Heidi Brunet, who has been a Modern-Shed dealer for several years, plans to live in the new structure, but will also use it as a model home to showcase what a Modern-Dwelling could offer.

The structure will include a spacious kitchen, living room and a master bedroom unit on one half of the home, connected by the main office to the other half of the home, which will include two large bedrooms.

Check out an interview with home-builder, Heidi Brunet here, where she details many of the home’s exciting features.

And if you have a Facebook, check out this album with tons of pictures on the Modern Urban Retreats Facebook page.

— Arla Shephard

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