Relax with a Modern-Shed sauna

It’s the end of summer, but you can still find time to unwind, especially if you’ve got a Modern-Shed primed for relaxation, like Natasha and Bill. Natasha’s art studio and sauna sheds were featured in July’s issue of Seattle magazine, but she gets to reap the benefits of a Modern-Shed relaxation space year-round.

We spoke to Natasha about her sheds two years ago, and it’s great to hear she’s still loving her shed and enjoying time in her sauna.

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How To: Decorate a Fitness Studio

Modern-Shed customers often use their new shed as a retreat from the home, sometimes creating work spaces, such as art studios, home offices or writing rooms.

Less often do we hear of customers carving out a different kind of space — a Modern-Shed home fitness center, but the options are endless. We’ve had customers create Modern-Shed yoga studios, Modern-Shed gyms and even a Modern-Shed sauna and steam room! Continue reading