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Concept design for the Modern-Shed Kitchen

Here at Modern-Shed, we are excited to launch a new concept in outdoor living.

Modern-Shed Outdoor will feature a series of creative and cost-effective outdoor living solutions to complete your outdoor living experience. Our new line of outdoor lifestyle products continues Modern-Shed’s original mission to simplify your life.

The Modern-Shed Outdoor Pergola

The custom experience Modern-Shed customers have come to enjoy is back with the Modern-Shed Outdoor custom kitchen, pergola and Piknik table, all launching in spring of 2017.

The Modern-Shed Outdoor Kitchen, a modular kitchen solution, will allow customers to create their own custom kitchen configurations with options for a sink, grill, burner or storage.

The Modern-Shed Outdoor Piknik table

The Modern-Shed Outdoor Piknik table features steel legs handmade in France by Piknik and a wood tabletop that can blend beautifully with your Modern-Shed outdoor decor.

In addition to outdoor concepts, Modern-Shed also wants to get more involved in the design conversation by helping customers with patio planning and configuration.

Every offering from Modern-Shed Outdoor is intended to bring the indoor living experience outside with well-designed, affordably priced solutions.

Customers may pre-order the Modern-Shed Kitchen by checking out our contact page on The kitchen catalog will be available for download in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Modern-Shed founder and owner Ryan Smith, at right, with designer Jamie Durie at the Dwell on Design show in LA last month.





The Modern-Shed solution

“The Casitas,” Jack’s Modern-Shed backyard retreat

Laguna Beach, Calif. — Before finding Modern-Shed, Jack had to live out of a hotel room due to undergoing cancer treatment.

Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in March of 2014, Jack has since endured several treatment therapies, including radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy.

Every two weeks, Jack undergoes chemotherapy treatment at the hospital infusion center, however, the drugs have had an unfortunate side effect for his wife, Linda. Continue reading

The confidential space

ModernShed10by12Saint Helena, Calif. —- When Norm and Patti purchased their new home, they knew they wanted a separate home office where Norm’s clients could meet with him privately.

Norm works in the executive search business, finding senior level employees for companies that have hired him to do so, and when he needs to meet with prospective candidates, he needs privacy.

“We had the intent that we would ultimately have a separate home office that would be on the property, but not inside the house,” Norm says. “We liked the confidentiality of it, not impeding into the life of our home. It provides a sense of distance and space for clients and candidates.” Continue reading

How is your Modern-Shed saving you $$?

We often hear from our Modern-Shed customers about the invaluable ways that their sheds have enhanced their lives — Modern-Sheds have allowed clients to spend more time with family, carve out time to devote to their passions and simply relax in a space that is wholly their own.

But Modern-Sheds also have a financial upside.

In addition to the tax savings that Modern-Shed home office users reap — tax benefits vary by profession and the shed’s size and frequency of use — many Modern-Shed customers have found major savings from unexpected places. Continue reading

How To: Decorate an Outdoor Space


With less than 10 weeks until Memorial Day — the unofficial start of summer and the beginning of a season of patio parties and barbecues — it’s time to give more thought to the space where we might do a lot of our entertaining, eating and lounging: our backyard.

Many of our Modern-Shed customers use their sheds to anchor their outdoor living spaces, and more and more we’re seeing a blend between indoor-outdoor living.


Maybe you’ll spend two or three hours in your Modern-Shed art studio working on a piece, then you’ll step outside to breathe in inspiration from your garden or perhaps take your lunch break out on your patio with your partner or kids.

Getting outside, even for a few minutes, is a proven method of boosting creativity and productivity, and it will leave you feeling relaxed and happy.

But maybe you’re in need of ideas, or you’re tight on space or budget? Don’t worry. Here are some ideas to liven up your Modern-Shed outdoor space. Continue reading

The place for passion


Woodinville, Washington — Music is one of the most important things in Vinay’s life, but a couple of years ago, the software engineer was finding it increasingly difficult to make room in his life for that passion.

“We weren’t necessarily looking for a shed in the beginning,” he recalled. “There wasn’t any space for my music. Everything was spread out everywhere. I had four guitars and music scattered all over the place. I couldn’t find any of my sheet music. It was horrible.” Continue reading