What more do you need?


Here at Modern-Shed, where every employee works remotely, we completely understand the needs of our customers who want to find a quiet space where they can work from home in peace.

General Manager Tim Vack can now say he understands the full Modern-Shed experience — Tim recently took the plunge and purchased a Modern-Shed home office of his own!

Tim’s 8’ by 12’ shed is located on his vacation property on Mason Lake in rural western Washington and offers him a way to stay connected with coworkers while enjoying his favorite place in the world.

“I first moved here in 2002, and I love Mason Lake,” he says. “I moved away, but I love this area and wanted to have a place to come in the summer. I decided that I wanted a place where I could have quick access to the lake, where I could work until 3 to 4 p.m., then go out on my boat.”


Cell reception is spotty at the secluded, forested lake, so Tim knew he couldn’t rely on his smartphone to get business done.

So, he decided to bring his office with him on vacation. With WiFi access, he’s able to keep on top of any work and can access all parts of the Modern-Shed business from his new office away from home.

“I don’t want to be isolated from work,” Tim says. “At the same time, I want to stay young and active. I want to be able to get on the take in the afternoons and teach my nephews water sports. I came to realize that most of my friends live at the lake, so I want to be able to socialize.”


Tim eventually plans to live on the lake full-time and build two other Modern-Sheds on his property. He’s invested in living small and doesn’t want to buy a traditional house anytime soon.

“I don’t want to have a 30-year mortgage of $400-500,000 at my age,” he says. “My goal is to be debt-free.”

Tim financed his shed through Peninsula Credit Union, which serves Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, Clallam and Grays Harbor counties in Washington state, but any lending institution that offers personal loans for building, such as Citizens Bank and Lending Tree, can also finance sheds.

Tim’s shed features corrugated metal and cedar siding, though he doesn’t recommend metal siding to other folks who need WiFi in remote areas — his signal has trouble making its way through the metal, but the problem is solved by placing the router in the clerestory window.


Since 90 percent of Modern-Shed is digital and paperless, Tim doesn’t have a need for file cabinets or much storage. He has a standing desk with computer, large monitors, and a leather recliner with windows with a view of his beloved lake.

“The placement of the windows was crucial,” he says. “Carpet was also important to me. It absorbs sound and is great for bare feet. I wanted my shed to have a quiet, cozy feel and to be warm even if I visit the lake in the winter. If you’re one person working remotely, you don’t need a huge office. What more do you need?”


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