Long distance relationships that work

Modern-Shed recently installed a 12’ by 16’ shed on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington state for a customer who lives and works in Switzerland.

His family spends every summer on the picturesque island in a 1950s-cabin, but as the family has grown, they naturally need more space.

Enter Modern-Shed, the perfect solution!

This customer isn’t the only one taking advantage of our superior sales team — while Modern-Shed works exclusively in the United States and Canada (though we do not install sheds for our neighbors to the north), we often hear from customers living remotely, who still want Modern-Shed as the solution to their space needs back home.

Take Ryan and Kara, a young couple living and working in Thailand as teachers, who spend their summers with their parents on Samish Island in Washington state.

Under construction: Ryan and Kara’s shed will be ready for them by the time they return home for the summer.

Or, there’s the family based in London who needed two sheds for their vacation property also off the coast of Washington. The original 1960s cabin on the property doesn’t accommodate their growing family, so Modern-Shed is the best solution for more space.

The solution for a growing family: add more Modern-Sheds!
Another look at the sheds, facing the water.

More close to home, we have many customers who live in one state but want to build in another, such as a family from Northern Idaho who needed additional space at their home on Orcas Island in Washington for grandkids and visitors.


A closer look at their amazing wrap-around deck!

This Modern-Shed is completely off the grid; the family uses propane for a small cooktop and battery-powered lights. The shed is about 1,000 feet away from the main house on the property.

“These long distance clients, especially the ones overseas require lots of late night calls and many emails until they feel comfortable with the product,” said Modern-Shed dealer Mike Proback. “All of the clients are great people.”

It’s easy for customers who live abroad to add the extra space they need to their vacation homes with Modern-Shed.


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