Modern-Shed keeps you warm

Now that winter is just around the corner, it’s a good time to talk about how Modern-Shed keeps our customers warm … and, uh, well, cool as well for those living in the hot climates.

We offer all Modern-Sheds with a variety of insulation options best suited to the customer’s needs, desires and permitting requirements.

Above your head: All our standard smaller sheds are priced with a standard R30 rigid foam insulation package in the pre-fabricated roof system. This can be upgraded to R40 and (coming soon) R50 to accommodate extreme cold and heat, as well as to new energy codes that come up. To accommodate electrical needs within the panelized pre-fabricated roof system, one option is an electrical framing package that includes one wiring “chase” in one of the roof panels.

For larger structures that require higher level building permits to accommodate on-site electrical work and on-site building inspections by the local building departments, we offer a credit for an insulation delete option so the customer can use a spray-foam insulation once the inspection and electrical work is complete. We can accommodate any rafter size for the necessary insulation value required by each jurisdiction.


Below your feet: Since many of our structures are installed close to the ground, not only do we create our floor panels with pressure-treated plywood on the bottom side, but we insulate the enclosed panels (Building code requires pressure treatment for all wood surfaces that have ground contact or come within 18″ of the ground). Our standard insulation is R21 batt insulation, which satisfies most energy code requirements in the country. But, for those very cold places we offer an R30 package.

For folks who know they will not need insulation in the floor, such as for a tool shed or for very temperate climates, we also offer an uninsulated floor system. These uninsulated systems switch out the normal wood floor joists for pressure treated to adhere to the 18″ code requirement when necessary, as those panels are not a fully enclosed box panel like the insulated ones.


Surrounding you: Modern-Shed’s standard walls are framed with 2x4s and can be ordered with or without insulation. R13 is the optional insulation for the 2×4 wall panels. We offer an upgrade to 2×6 wall framing to accommodate R21 walls for those areas requiring the higher insulation values.

Here at Modern-Shed, we believe in our customers’ ultimate comfort any time of year. We have even gone so far as to offer special insulated walls within the walls so that a customer was able to have an almost totally soundproof room for a sound recording business. As energy codes change into the future, Modern-Shed will be a leader in being able to accommodate requirements.

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