Why we use … superior flooring

Talking about floors may seem boring.

However, a flooring system underpins an entire structure and gets so much use and abuse; it is the backbone of our structures. I mean, have you ever walked, jumped or put a grand piano on your walls?

Our customers use their Modern-Sheds for any number of uses, including home offices, gyms and music rooms. In order to give them the most flexibility with how they are going to use their shed now and in the future, we build our floor systems to last a very long time and endure any wear that may occur.

Modern-Shed flooring — built to withstand any number of musical instruments!

First, we start with premium-grade pressure-treated beams. These are not two 2x4s placed next to each other, these are solid 4×6, 4×8 or 4×10 beams. The size depends on the size of the shed ordered.

The long sides (the tall wall and short wall sides) of the shed perimeter beam get a ledger board to rest the floor panels on, while the top sheathing rests atop the beams. On larger structures, this ledger board is made from galvanized steel.

Second, we offer two insulation packages for the floor system panels at R21 and R30. The panels are kept to a manageable width for two people to carry. The floor joists vary from 2×6 to 2×10, again, depending on the size of shed.

Third, in order to comply with building codes, the underside of all of our enclosed floor systems are sheathed in pressure-treated plywood. This means that there is ONLY pressure treated lumber exposed on the underside of our floor systems. Most building code requires pressure treated lumber if within 18 inches of the ground surface.

Fourth, we understand that our customers have varying tastes when it comes to floor coverings, from carpet to vinyl to ceramics to laminates, so we make it as easy as possible for them to get started by using only ACX (the highest grade) sanded smooth ¾-inch plywood sheathing for the top of our panels — no flimsy, rough OSB here.

This allows the flooring material the customer chooses to be installed directly on top of the plywood without having to put an underlay down first. Speaking of plywood, have you ever walked around on a floor in a house that squeaks? The squeaking is caused by the nails used to hold down the plywood becoming loose over time.

At Modern-Shed, we not only nail our plywood down, we also glue it to ensure it will be free of squeaks for years to come.

Our floor systems, by their nature of being built from individual panels, are considerably stronger than a typical floor in a typical home, and together with the four items listed above, become even stronger.

We also offer customization of the floor with larger joists for customers who may have special needs for their floors, such as storing their kick-boxing equipment, heavy musical instruments or even motorcycles. We offer optional framing within the floor panels to accommodate toilets and showers as well.

To say a Modern-Shed has a floor is an understatement. The backbone/foundation of a structure keep the structure from sagging and bouncing. One thing a Modern-Shed isn’t, is a bouncy house.

— Tim Vack, general manager

Modern-Shed customers have a variety of options for their flooring needs.


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