The Modern-Shed standard

Would a shed from Home Depot look good here?

We hear it all the time — “Why build a Modern-Shed when I can find something cheaper at my local home improvement store?”
First, we’ll let a few quotes from clients speak for themselves, on why Modern-Shed is a better choice over a less expensive option:

“We love the way Modern-Sheds look,” said Tami from West Seattle. “They didn’t look like the sheds you buy at Home Depot. They didn’t look like a barn.”

Tami’s shed in West Seattle, back in 2014

And from David in rural Pennsylvania:

“I knew it wasn’t going to be a Dutch Colonial prefab that you can get at Home Depot,” he said. “That was important to me. With Modern-Shed, it was an easy choice. I knew I wanted something that would look appropriate for my property.”

And lastly, from Stacy in Seattle:

“My family initially couldn’t understand why we would pay so much for a shed,” Stacy said. “Once they saw the shed, they realized we weren’t talking about a converted shed at all. We were talking about an extension of the house.”


Modern-Shed: Not your typical shed from a home improvement store!

As we approach spring and the backyard improvement season, it’s important to revisit why we at Modern-Shed hold ourselves to a different standard than our competitors, whose sheds you can find at home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Modern-Sheds are built with high-quality products meant to last three to four decades longer than the typical garden or similar-type shed or structure.

Several of our competitors also don’t offer the level of customization that we do at Modern-Shed, usually offering a bare bones “shell” of a structure that will require much more work to create a liveable space.

At Modern-Shed, we have more paint and exterior siding options than our competitors and we offer interior finishing, which you will not find at a shed you buy at a home improvement store.


The interior of a competitor shed, which does not have dry-wall or any wall liner. 

Many of these competitor sheds also do not use dry-wall, do not offer any wall or ceiling liners and do not have insulated transom windows.


Meanwhile at Modern-Shed, our base structures before upgrades include walls with OSB sheathing, R-30 rigid insulation roof with plywood sheathing, plywood ceiling liner and pre-assembled transom glass units.

We also use the highest-grade lumber and framing materials to create walls that are straight, not warped, and are a true fit for assemble and high-grade ACX plywood instead of OSB on our floors so that they are compatible with several different flooring types.

At Modern-Shed we also take the extra step to glue our Modern-Shed floor sheathing so that they have a higher strength to withstand whatever you put on top of it (Grand pianos, workout equipment, a bed, etc.) and eliminate floor squeaking.

Truthfully, when it comes to building a shed in your backyard, you get what you pay for, and at Modern-Shed, you’re paying for a higher standard.

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