The simple convenience


Shoreline, Wash. — Alex’s garage was at the end of its life, but it was the only place in his small home he could keep his washer-dryer unit and hot water heater.

“The garage wasn’t in great shape,” Alex recalls. “It wasn’t convenient at all. It had a big, heavy metal door that I’d have to leave open if I were doing laundry.”

Alex wanted an updated garage, not only to store the laundry unit, but also to give him more space beyond his 900-square-foot home.

He started looking at custom garage conversions before his brother told him about Modern-Shed.

Modern-Shed replaced an old garage with a brand-new Modern-Shed home office and storage unit.

“The idea of it (also) being office space or another place to hang out, I thought that would be helpful,” he says. “I work in sales and I wasn’t working from home at the time, but now I am able to.”

Modern-Shed built a 10-by-20 space that functions as storage for the washer, dryer and water heater, as well as a home office and man cave for Alex.

Contractors also extended the roof and leveraged additional space to create a small storage unit adjacent to the office, where Alex now keeps garden supplies and outdoor gear.

“The entire process went really well,” he says. “It was all so simple.”


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