Planning a Modern Shed Studio Space: Getting Financing

The world of home improvement loans offers a variety of options to get you on your way to owning your very own Modern-Shed home office, music/art studio, or home gym! But sorting through these options and securing your loan quickly is one of the most important steps to getting your space built and installed as quickly as possible.

Many Modern-Shed clients can draw on their current home equity, especially in our current financial climate, in order to finance their new space. You can choose between a Home Equity Loan or a Home Equity Line of Credit, or a home re-finance. All of which have many advantages to consider. Also, since your loan or line of credit is secured using your existing home as collateral, you can get a lower interest rate than an unsecured loan.

Another option for those with good to excellent credit would be an unsecured personal loan, especially if you have recently purchased your home and haven’t had time to build up enough equity to cover improvements. There are several financial institutions that offer these types of loans based on what your financial goals are, such as longer terms with lower monthly payments or securing the lowest interest rate. Modern Shed has partnered with Acorn Financing as a provider of this type of financing option. See our website for information and pre-qualification.

Acquiring financing can take some time, especially if you are using your home for collateral and an appraisal needs to be done as the mortgage industry is as busy as ever so we highly recommend getting approved for as much as possible as it is much easier to not use all of the loan, but it is more difficult to ask for more once the loan is secure. 

How much do you need? Modern Shed’s Design Professionals will help you create your budget by providing a quote for the Modern Shed structure as well as help with calculating the ancillary costs of shipping, ground prep, interior, and exterior finishing, and in some places, electrical contracting. Whether you choose to self-install or have a Modern-Shed preferred contractor install and finish we advise our clients to secure a loan 10-20% larger than the estimate for their project to make sure their project doesn’t encounter delays due to financing. (And always choose a loan that has no pre-payment penalties!)

The best part about investing in your new Modern Shed studio will be the quality and craftsmanship that we bring to your property, as our Sheds are built to the highest standards and designed to last as long as your home (if not longer). For more information about how you can invest in your own home office, gym, or art studio, contact Modern Shed today!

An exciting new deal

Modern-Shed is excited to announce a new partnership with Peninsula Credit Union, a Western Washington-based financial institution that works closely with its members to meet their needs.

For the first time in Modern-Shed’s history, financial loans will be made available through Peninsula Credit Union to finance the purchase of a Modern-Shed.

Modern-Shed General Manager Tim Vack and owner Ryan Smith discuss the possibilities for a Modern-Shed at a Peninsula Credit Union event.
Modern-Shed General Manager Tim Vack and owner Ryan Smith discuss the possibilities for a Modern-Shed at a Peninsula Credit Union event.

“Not everyone has the kind of money sitting around to buy a Modern-Shed,” said Modern-Shed General Manager Tim Vack. “What we’re really about is the customer, how do you want to use this space? This is an exciting opportunity to make those dreams come true.”

Jim Morrell, president and CEO of Peninsula Credit Union, said the new partnership developed organically, through conversations in the Mason County community, where Peninsula Credit Union is based.

“Peninsula Credit Union is all about customizing the financial experience for our members and meeting the needs of our members with flexibility,” Morrell said. “That, to me, is what Modern-Shed is about as well. It’s about maybe not commuting the one and a half hours to an office because you can have that office in your backyard.”

For more information on Peninsula Credit Union, visit or speak with Modern-Shed dealer Jeff Bergerson at 360-789-7822.